Shoe trade

OneFID opens up new sales channels and additional products with digital sizing and product consulting on site in the store and in every online store.
We develop individual solutions for your processes.

Custom Apps
App development

We develop apps for foot analysis and product recommendation completely in the sense of our partners

Digital Product-

We offer innovative solutions for the digitization of the shoe trade

Foot analysis
Foot analysis

We automatically prepare, analyze and adjust 3D foot data and last data.

We are driving forward the digitalization of shoe retailing and production

We offer solutions for digital product recommendation and product individualization through inserts. Through the acquisition and analysis of customer data, we are preparing the individualization of production and already support one-off production with ordering directly from our apps.
Mobile foot measurement

Our simple foot measurement is used in our plugin and various apps

3D foot measurement

We analyze feet in 3D with various 3D scanners or mobile devices

Groin analysis

For our product recommendation algorithm, we analyze last data and inner shoe volume


Design and functionality of our applications are easily configurable

Inventory connection

For the product presentation in our apps we include the inventory data of our partner stores

Production connection

We forward product orders (shoes and insoles) directly to production partners for individual production

We are a provider of technology and infrastructure

Data acquisition

We use a wide range of technologies to collect customer, foot and last data


We analyze data for product recommendation, additional products and production data